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Discussion Topic  RE: Killian Foundation Class (in New Actors Only) by TRENT
I am thinking of taking this class during the summer. Hope it goes well ......
Backstage.com > Message Board Homepage > New Actors Only

Discussion Topic  RE: Actor Blogs (in Auditions) by TRENT
Bump - any other good actor blogs? i've been looking for a young actor who has an active updated blo......
Backstage.com > Message Board Homepage > Auditions

Discussion Topic  RE: Any business owners out there? (in Survival Jobs) by TRENT
I am also in the process of finishing my bachelors degree in business. I was thinking of starting my......
Backstage.com > Message Board Homepage > Survival Jobs

Discussion Topic  RE: Rapid hairloss (in Health and Fitness) by TRENT
When I was 18 (right before college) I started to lose a lot of hair also. Anytime I would take a sh......
Backstage.com > Message Board Homepage > Health and Fitness

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