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Discussion Topic  RE: Do you get auditions from Casting Frontier? (in The Working Actor) by stevesteve
My commercial agent said there were a few legit casting directors that use CF which is why I should ......
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Discussion Topic  RE: Keeping Agent Updated (in New Actors Only) by stevesteve
If the agent responds to your emails, why not just reply back to your email chain. If it's simple an......
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Discussion Topic  RE: SAG Commercial - "Applied Session" Deduction? (in Secret Agent Man) by stevesteve
How long after the commercial went online did it take for you to receive the 1 year buyout check?...
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Discussion Topic  RE: How to know if an Agent is a Scam? (in Secret Agent Man) by stevesteve
I moved to LA from UT. TMG and McCarty have been, historically, the two main agencies with the bes......
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