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Discussion Topic  RE: Cazt auditions locations. (in The Working Actor) by KiKi1000
In answer to the original question. I've auditioned there a couple times for non-union things. I've ......
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Discussion Topic  RE: Top 5 Overated Actors/Actresses (in Top Five Lists) by KiKi1000
1. Anne Hathaway Ugh! 2. Jennifer Anniston 3. Morgan Freeman 4. Jake Gylenhal 5. Orlando Bloom...
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Discussion Topic  RE: Pay to be in a movie: Magic Elevator (in Secret Agent Man) by KiKi1000
Wow i got a Doug Stabs Betty audition too! They really do just invite everyone. Only $4,000 for a le......
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Discussion Topic  RE: Anyone Else Find Scene Study Completely Useless for Booking Jobs? Any Alternatives? (in The Working Actor) by KiKi1000
I completely disagree that scene study is useless and boring. Sounds like you have a bad teacher. I ......
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