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Sean Penn
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I dunno . . . I agree conceptually, BizzyMama, but so much of what the manager does in the early months is talk up the kid, get him/her seen by agents, etc. I don't know why they'd bother without the certainty of the relationship.

That being said - if a kid was reeeeeeeally amazing, a manager might be willing to try it, so I guess no harm in asking!
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Nicholas Cage
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When we met wirh mgrs two years ago, one offered to do BizzyMama's suggestion of testing out first on a good faith agreement. They said they do that with all new kids so both parties (parent and manager) can get a feel of whether the partnership will work for them. Another mgr also did the same - good faith agreement. A third manager offered 18 mths contract and said that was their standard contract. All other mgrs had 3 years as standard. I've always known 3 years to be standard but encountered those exceptions that worked off of a good faith or 18mths contract.

You don't have to win them all, you just need a winning attitude!
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Morgan Freeman
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We've worked with Dave and Stephanie for over year without signed contract. Never had a problem. Always get paid. They are hard workers but expect the same from you: going to all auds, taking classes, getting coached etc. They do not want you to do this part time or half heartedly which is the same with most mgrs or agents. That said there is very little hand holding or feedback provided. They get you a ton of auditions and are very reasonable decent people.
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vrodriguez25 my DD is 9. Though she has not booked anything yet, we have gone out on a lot of auditions for theater, film, commercials and VO. She's come close and gotten a bunch of CBs. I agree that there is little feed back, but that seems in line with what others who have been at it longer than I have told me. It will happen eventually. In the meantime, we continue with our classes, and enjoy the experience.
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Kevin Bacon
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we have been extremely happy with them!! We had a good faith trial with them four years ago. I have still yet to sign a contract. We have booked many national commercials have done one TV spot and have been sent out on multiple film and TV auditions. We have always gotten paid. The staff are polite and understanding and really care about the kids!! nothing to worry about with this bunch!!
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Sean Penn
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My DD has been with SG for many years and are very happy. They work hard for their clients and expect professionalism back in return. Three years does seem to be the norm for a manager. Do read the fine print. There was a 3 year option after the initial 3 years. We got a certified letter in the mail after 3 years saying the 3 year option was picked up. GL!
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