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Glenn Close
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Fishgurl, I hear ya, but if people are discussing it on a message board, they're discussing it in person. I shared the link to the blog on my FB page, and I had a few girlfriends who ADMITTED to having taken notes on this to try to figure it out in the past! Cray!

Staying anonymous online is so very difficult. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know who you are, and many people around here probably know who I am. Don't worry, my lips are sealed. Wink

(Weird fact: If you're who I think you are, you got your BFA at the same time my ex-husband was getting his MFA, in the same department at the same school. We may have even met in person at some point, although if we did, it was brief. Now THAT is freaky!)

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Russell Crowe
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I was hoping the blogger wouldn't get outed, but I don't remember reading about much in the blog, that I would think, could hurt her career if she were tied it. I don't remember her saying anything too derogatory about anyone. Is it that you think the management companies she turned down could retaliate?

Anyway, what bothered me the most about the post that named a name, was that it was a newbie poster, and I sincerely hope that this person didn't post her name with ulterior motives.
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Kevin Bacon
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I would hate for her to take theworkingactress blog down if she were to see that we know who she is. The blog is great.

And I think it's so much easier to be candid if you are posting anonymously. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do remember her specifically mentioning that Kat Dennings was very rude to her -- I think she would have left that out & other things like that if she wasn't posting anonymously.

Anyways, I think I will read through the blog again soon b4 she takes it down!

Maybe we can just get this whole thread deleted?
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Jack Nicholson
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It's not like anyone had to hire a private investigator to figure this out. If she wanted pure anonymity - she would not have written so many specific details.

Identified or not, I don't think anyone she talks about is trolling these boards - I'm sure she will be fine.
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Johnny Depp
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Worst case scenario she removes her blog. Okay? And? There are plenty of actors, maybe someone else will make an anonymous blog, she def. sparked the idea in others. I dont understand this not-enough-going-around mentality, nothing is permanent and maybe neither will be her blog...
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What if it isn't Meghan. Whoever it is, she's probably sitting back and enjoying watching people try to guess exactly who she is. These boards have thousands of lurkers.
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Denzel Washington
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^ True dat. Like mae thinks she knows who I am, but there’s a detail in what she said that shows she doesn’t. Now I’m wondering who that is? Smiler I’ve also had stage moms over on a college forum on which I used to be a regular and still chime in occasionally trying to pin me for years and none have yet even gotten warm to my knowledge.

It’s actually fairly easy to leave at least a reasonable doubt by saying what you need to say but occasionally throwing in an inconsequential personal detail or two to send people barking up the wrong tree. That is unless you post long term and slip up like I did a few years ago when I inadvertently outed myself to gyokoren. Then, she’s from the same place as me and I said a couple of things on here using exactly the same verbiage I had used in talking to her privately on Facebook ...

At any rate, while it’s natural to be curious, I think that when someone wants to remain anonymous, it’s to be respected. Especially with actors and others in the business who are at a place on the food chain to give candid advice, but who need to keep their identities safe in doing so since this is probably the most dysfunctional, image-driven business on the planet and keeping what’s out there carefully controlled is a must. People really do Google you before they hire and actors really do lose jobs over the things that come up. Like I watched in horror as a newbie actress who had one of the old Backstage blogs totally scuttle the beginning phases of her career with some of the things she said a few years ago …

Whoever TWA is, she took a big risk in putting all that out there with such candor. But does anybody doubt she’s for real? Does anybody doubt that SAM is a real agent? Just take what’s offered as a gift and leave the rest alone as long as what’s said rings true. For some, it’s a way of giving back.
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Hilary Swank
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Originally posted by Teggy Abby:
What if it isn't Meghan. Whoever it is, she's probably sitting back and enjoying watching people try to guess exactly who she is. These boBut the keyards have thousands of lurkers.

After reading all of this mess, I got curious and started perusing thru the blog.
I'm gonna mention 3 strong definitive pieces about this being Meghan Markle.

1-She mentions working with Melina Karakaredes early in her career and u can see she has a CSI:NY credit.

2-She scoffs at unfortunately having to do an $8,000 guest star role "running around like a little cop" on a CBS series. Her resume shows she was a cop on CSI: Miami (poor girl)

3-But the key piece, the blogger mentions how she has horrible looking feet, and if you google Megan Markle's feet, they actually are in pretty bad shape. At least she was honest about that
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Glenn Close
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She was married to Trevor Engelson. a producer,whom she dated since 2004. Doesn't fit the boyfriend outside the biz profile.
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Johnny Depp
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Please be careful when trying to "out" some anonymous blogger or poster. Sometimes, when posting, people use a few "incorrect" facts just to throw other people off the track.

Your detective work may lead to the wrong person.
Posts: 46 | Location: Chicago, IL | Registered: June 21, 2012Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Nicholas Cage
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Doxing is generally regarded as a huge no no on every forum I've ever used; it's just internet etiquette in the very least. It would be nice if this place were actually moderated these days.
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I don't care who she is - the blog is awesome and a ton of welcome information - I'm loving it!
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I love her blog and I guess it is natural curiosity. I know in the industry it might me tough but I don't think she has ever said anything that makes her 'outing' a bad thing.

I am now pretty sure it is Meghan Markle. People have pointed out she sayys *similar* things and speaks in a similar language, but I saw a blog she mentioned working with Donald Sutherland (which Meghan has) and the in this interview


in the question before last she references the Cheesecake episode at an audition which actually prompted somewhat of a competition for the worst audition story on her blog. And there is a blog post about the cheesecake.

Maybe she's not so worried about it anymore.
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Kevin Bacon
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I'm pretty sure, as I always have been, that this should be left alone. It could hurt the writer, who's been offering people some pretty damn neat insights into the industry while trying not to tear her own head off. Talk in person all you want, but the Internet can't really be wiped clean.
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Morgan Freeman
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I agree. I also agree that this is the kind of thing that makes people that can help with some things not want to bother. An example is Fishgurl. She decided to swear off message boards for New Year's because of this. She thought it was funny that some of you that messaged her thought she was Anna Camp playing younger or Jenn Proske. But she decided she didn't want to take any more risks of somebody getting it right. So that is one helpful voice gone.
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