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Hi everyone, just got some new headshots and would love you guys to help me choose theatrical & commercial, here's the link:

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Robert DeNiro
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I'm sorry, but these are not usable. You're a very pretty girl and deserve great shots to show you off. These look like snapshots a friend took while you were hanging out outside - not professional at all. Your hair is all over the place, the lighting isn't good. Who took these pictures?

You need to hire a professional headshot photographer so you'll have industry-standard, competitive headshots that stand out.
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Jack Nicholson
Picture of Joanna Brooks
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Hi Ety,
I have to agree with TMR, these are not industry standard headshots. I recommend that you look at photographer galleries and read over the forum here to see what a headshot is and to understand what the purpose of a headshot is so you can look like a serious and competitive actor in the industry. I also highly recommend that you use a hair and makeup artist when you get your headshots, your hair is really messy and distracting so you need someone to style and manage it properly for your photos. You want you to be the center of the photo and your personality not your hair or the background.
Hope that helps,
Headshots LA
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Russell Crowe
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Agree. They are not usable.
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Sean Penn
Picture of JanL
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They are good for fun snapshots, and she looks great, but I agree, you need to go to someone who does pro head shots. Good luck!
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Anthony Hopkins
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I also have to agree with all those who posted above... they just don't look like headshots.
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Picture of Brendan Nagle
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But if you need to use them UNTIL NEW ONES are taken though, I'd go with 6 and 10. Smiling = Commercial, FYI.

But yes, get a photographer to help show you off right. Shouldn't be more than $300.
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Kevin Bacon
Picture of Madiitown
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