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Johnny Depp
My question is for those that self submit. Is there a layout/format that is best when using digital pictures? So far I've been using the basic white background, photo in a box and name underneath in an 8x10 digital size and emailing it. It has worked but at the same time I still want to make sure I'm doing what's standard.

How do YOU guys submit your headshots? The photo itself or do you make it look a headshot?

Speaking of headshot borders? What's in? It's almost 2013, I've heard of the trends changing but honestly, am out of the loop. Thanks!
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Robert DeNiro
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It should not just be the photo. Put it in the 8X10 with or without boarder and your name in bottom. Unless specifically asked for in printable format do not send a 300dpi image. 72dpi is standard for internet images.
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Sean Penn
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When sending headshots online the most important thing to consider is the resolution of the image which should be 72 dpi.

All that other stuff is mind taffy. Casting directors and agents don't have the time or really care whether there's a border or where your name is located. From my understanding, they just want the headshot you submit to actually look like you on your best day.


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Al Pacino
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For digital submissions you do not need a border.

For 8x10 prints you MUST have a border.


Dennis Kwan
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Nicholas Cage
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Ignore all that advice about dpi. Computer monitors ignore whatever information you encode in a photo about dpi and display at their native dots per inch. The more important thing when you're emailing a photo is that it be downsized (fewer total pixels) since it's often a problem to email large files. If you don't have the ability to downsize your file yourself, ask your photographer to do it. Every website (such as Backstage and Actors Access) has its own requirements but typically if you make the file around 1000x800 pixels, it'll be fine anywhere you use it except for printing purposes.
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A proper dimensions of boarder and a text field is required for that to be perfectly called as best headshot.

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