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Johnny Depp
I'm from the south, and have been in LA for some time. I have decent representation, I'm SAG with 4-5 IMDB credits (2 features, small co-star on a reenactment type show, a few shorts), and am well-trained. I fall into the 25-30yr old attractive leading lady category, so I'm up against 2000 other girls for one-liners. I've been killing it in workshops, but without solid co-stars, I just can't seem to get in the door.

I've been considering going back to GA for the summer to see if I can break through and get a credit or two. I've had a lot of friends start in GA, get credits on shows/films that shoot there, and thus have some heat when coming to LA. I'm not ready to completely move back and give up on all the networking I've been doing the last few years here, the connections I've made, etc, but need to shake things up somehow. Figured a smaller pond this summer may give me a better shot to get those elusive first tv credits.

Any advice from Atl/Southeast region based actors? Are there casting director workshops in Atl like in LA? Do any of the southeastern based shows film in the summer? I'm guessing Walking Dead might, but don't know about the others. I'd LOVE any pointers!

Thanks so much!
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Jack Nicholson
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If it's a big budget film or even a strong indie, or a union TV show ... only the smallest supporting roles are going to be cast locally. Dayplayers, U5, etc. Every once in awhile, a guest star role will be cast locally, but more often than not, those actors are coming from NYC or LA.

Based on what you've said, booking a dayplayer job on a film or a small co-star on a television show filming locally in the southeast isn't going to give you the "heat" you need to take it to the next level in LA.

I would keep pounding it in LA and try to get better than "decent" representation.
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Robert DeNiro
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If the end result is to work in LA, stay in LA.

It's a marathon. Are you self-submitting as well?

I just booked a principal role on "After Lately" on the E! Channel off actorsaccess. Not an under 5.

How are your headshots? Your rep(s)?

Why spend the money to move, then move back when you really want to be in LA? If you're moving for a change in lifestyle, that I understand. But to move away to book some small roles doesn't make sense. It takes many talented people years to get noticed. Keep pushin' on! Break legs.
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Russell Crowe
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I agree. Stay there, pound the pavement, get everything up to date, keep networking, workshops classes etc, student films even. Yes, there is stuff over here, but they get most of the talent from NYC or LA. Have you told your rep you are willing to work as local hire in the shows that film here? Maybe that will help too. The only things that are left for us by the time they come here and film are the occasional one liner roles and non-union extras. Keep at it, 'slow and steady wins the race.'
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Denzel Washington
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With everyone else, stay in LA and work it out hard there.
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I was actually wondering the same thing. My situation would be more similar to an extended visit, rather than a "move" from LA to GA. Question about representation...is it possible to get represented during something like that? I know some out of state actors get LA representation out here in the fall for the period of time they move to LA that is "pilot season," and then move home in May, but has anyone ever gotten theatrical representation in GA because they're going to be there for a similarly short period of time, say submitting now and being there for the summer through about October? Are there any shows casting costars out there and shooting during those months? I know there are always the local/regional commercials, idustrials, indies and all that. The self submit breakdowns just look so slim out there compared to here, so I feel like I'd need representation out there to go out for even indie projects. Also what's the general criteria for representation in the southeast market? I know here being SAG or at least SAGe/ hopefully tv credits or at least some good tape from indies for theatrical and you can get away with great headshots/on camera commercial class/ improv training for commercial is the general criteria in LA....is there any general prescription for representation in GA? Thanks.
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Russell Crowe
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I think you, RLCA, would have an excellent chance at getting GA rep. Provided you have at least a minimally decent LA resume/credits. It seems just being 'from LA' is a huge advantage. I think the 'standards are more for LA, so you should be just fine in that regard. :-)
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Nicholas Cage
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It sounds to me you got two problems.

1. Your head shot. Is your head shot up to date? Does your head shot match your brand? Your resume matches you head shot? The reels and clips match everything I said?

I ask this because I am working to make mine all match. That is a goal of mine.

2. Are you submitting yourself trying to get yourself work? Are you contacting old net work friends?

(I am using myself for example because I being honest and trying to help. Trust me I don't have an ego. I try to help people on the side.)

I am trying to throw my name out. I am sending an email on my new clip on my Actors Access saying HOW HAPPY I HAVE A NEW CLIP. It is something to show casting directors. I added there is MORE to come in MAY!

Any little news would be good news to share that your there. Is it bold? YEA! How many are doing it? I don't know. I know its SALES and that's what we actors suppose to do. SELL OURSELVES!

Going back and forth sounds silly to me. Your in in HOLLYWOOD girl! Why move to Atlanta? I believe going to ATLANTA would be going back for you!

My story is I got an Agent interested in me. I am going to call them back mid May after I get the tools of my head shot. And I am going to be in the NYC market! But I am more a New England market. I feel I got both best worlds!

Maybe you need to sit down make a road map. You got SEE where you want to go? And what are you doing to get there? MAYBE you see what you need to do?

I make plans all the time. I am worried now because ALL my goals are happening BEFORE the deadlines.

Example: I finally got my miracle where I can memorize one page script in 15 min! I worked my ass and I finally got to do it!

Are you improving your life style too? Are you trying to learn new skills that could help you?

Example: I would love to learn horse back riding,or golf.

Having new skills is fun. I mean my favorite skill I love people ask me...FORK TRUCK DRIVER? In the real world and acting I get that response. Its fun!

I don't know. I hope this help.

Don't go hopping around hoping to get the best. It looks you need a plan...Make a map of where you want to go.


The Disciple that Jesus loves! (ME!)
Your closer to your success than you think!
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I guess it depends on what you define as a decent LA resume. I'm a newbie just getting started that has a handful of student films from good universities and good training. I'm still non-union because I'm closer to the San Diego market (traffic-wise lol) and most of the work in SD is non union. I do have a San Diego agent and I go out for commercials and print since that's what's down there. Everything I do get in LA is from actors access/LA casting. Does anyone know anyone who's gone to GA for only a few months and has gotten representation and worked?
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Sean Penn
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Okay, boys and girls, sit tight because this will be a long one:
1. I was in LA for 9 years and made the move back to GA for a variety of reasons, but at the core was the growing industry and my place in it. There are many reasons, including the tax subsidies, but also the quality of life here, the lower cost of living, and the ability to actually make an income at something flexible that isn't working in a bar/restaurant, etc.
2. I've had more auditions and opportunities in the last 5 months, for larger roles, than in the last 2 years I was in LA.
3. Marbar-There are larger roles casting here, but you are right in that the lions share is co-star and smaller guest stars. That said, I have friends here in Atlanta that have booked recurring guest star and even series regulars as Atlanta actors (Melissa McBride from Walking Dead is one example, Melissa Ponzio also in Walking Dead is another). Plus, there's an incentive to production companies to hire MORE locals and less LA people-economics. They don't have to fly me from LA, nor do they have to put me up in a ritzy hotel. They've just saved themselves at least $2000.00 on a week long guest star. Do that multiple times an episode, over the course of a season and they've saved themselves enough money to hire a big name for a particular episode who they can fly in.
4. Taping-You don't HAVE to be in the SE to work in the SE. If you are in LA and have representation there, you should be self-taping for all of the projects in the SE. Why wouldn't you be? Either have your reps send it the LA CD or the local CD.
5. Local hire-can you be a local hire to the projects in GA, NC, New Orleans? Then tell your agents that.
6. Competition-Don't expect to move to the SE and have it easier than in LA. Yes, LA is much bigger, with more roles, and more competition, but Atlanta especially is fiercely competitive with a LOT of great actors, and many more good actors. Just like LA, it takes time to network, build and maintain relationships with industry people, and to get your foot in the door. Just because people are from LA doesn't mean that they are going to waltz in and magically book work.

Back to the OP's point, coming back for the Summer isn't going to help you. You may get some auditions, you may make some connections, but those will fizzle out when you go back to LA.

There are LIMITED CD workshops, but they are geared more towards the kids in the industry as opposed to the adults.

Yes, several shows film in the Summer, so there is work. There is no such thing as "pilot season" anymore, in terms of its original definition of a January to April type season, in LA or anywhere. Yes, that's when they cast, shoot, and get shopped around the networks, but in the old days, there used to be a dramatic drop off of shooting after April and with all of the non-seasonal networks (HBO, Showtime, Spike, TNT, A&E, AMC, etc.) productions now run year round. That's for LA or anywhere else.

So, in summary, I'd say that if you can afford to leave LA for the Summer, network, attempt to create relationships and not lose ground in LA while doing it, then do it. It'll be competitive, you'll be fighting against a lot of well trained Atlanta/SE actors, many of whom have self-taping studios set up at home, or go to one of the 3-6 taping companies in the area to tape their auditions. You'll probably make more headway in 3 months in GA than in 3 months in LA, but how can you continue to leverage that after you go back to LA? That's the question.

Good luck.
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Russell Crowe
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Great comments peanut! Thank you! That helps so much!!
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Hilary Swank
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Local hire-can you be a local hire to the projects in GA, NC, New Orleans? Then tell your agents that.

Urg....I know the SE market quite well...and although Peanut makes some valid points...they are really skimming the surface. Sure...there are some recurring roles that you could snag in the SE market....but they are RARE...and you're still competing for them... I would say MORE often than not that they weren't recurring roles during the audition process. This happens everywhere...when they bring someone on for a costar or guest star and end up getting written into future episodes. Regardless...those opportunities are SOOOOOO rare. I have friends with SE costar credits...that can't get work in LA...because those credits mean jack in regards to knowing casting in LA. The problem is you're audtioning for EXPONENTIALLY less roles in, yes, a smaller pool of actors...but its still competitive. At the end of the day, if you're goal is to to act IN LA...I wouldn't suggest taking a step BACKWARD.

Think about it. You're leaving LA during a VERY busy season for actors to try to get into a different market with less opportunity. You're looking at only having a couple of shows that are evening auditioning at any given time in that market...and you just have to pray that they are looking for your type a couple of times during their season.

Your problem is likely that you don't have representation. And if you don't have representation and you want opportunities to audition you should be doing workshops...as well as getting in front of agents. If you can't get a single meeting I can assure you that you're not working hard enough. If acting is your hobby..move to a smaller market...and try to get some dayplayer gigs...if you want it as a career I suggest you figure out what those of us who've been making a living have figured out. I hope this doesn't sound harsh...but I feel its absolutely true. People find ways every day out here to get agents and get into rooms....what are they doing that you're not? What could you be doing now that you're not?
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Robert DeNiro
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If you want to play with the big boys, you need to live where the big boys live. And the smaller markets a'int it.
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Kevin Bacon
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I'm moving from NC to LA in June and have been acting here for a while. Completely agree with Peanut and LuckyMe73. The SE is a small market. What I've learned is it's going to take a while for you to get in front of the big CD's out here. They like to call in a select few actors that they can always count on being right for the part. I met a guy who is repped by UTA and another agency in NC and he just sends tapes in and books the jobs because he's moved back here for 10 years and knows all the CD's! You would have to be here for the long haul to gain some traction.

Fashiondiva, it would be very difficult to expect representation for 3 months and book co-star roles all in one summer. If you do get a meeting, you can't say "I just want to be here for the summer. Can you book me some TV roles?" Why would an agency sign you, and submit you for projects instead of the actors already on their roster which they know they can count on?

I think you should stay put and keep working. If acting is truly what you want to do, you will fight tooth and nail until you become successful. Don't let anything or anyone in LA stop you. You will find a way!
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