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Johnny Depp
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Thanks so much for all the great advice, guys. I really appreciate it!

So funny... I'd forgotten I'd even posted this, and was back to seriously considering a move back and was searching on the topic... and voila! My post from 4 months back!

I actually think that I will go back, but not for as long as I previously planned (thinking more like 1-2 months rather than a full summer). I plan on subletting my apartment and really pounding the pavement when I get there. I'm in the process of trying to set up interviews with representation, and that brought me back here. I don't agree that it would be a step back, as I'm not at the guest star level yet, and I'm only staying for a month or two. Definitely plan on coming back to LA after that time is over! I'm creating my own projects now to have better credits for my reel. Still going to workshops. Training. Etc, etc. But, work is work. And, I think that having representation in a market where I can work as a local hire could possibly provide more opportunities to work and get those first crucial hard-to-get co-star/dayplayer credits. (Not saying at all that it will lead to bookings, but that it will hopefully lead to more opportunities, at least). I have several friends who are also based in LA with SE representation. One has booked her last 3 high-profile projects through her ATL agent, and another was put on hold for Homeland through her NC rep. Both are submitted through their SE agents and put themselves on tape.

I WISH it would be easier to get better than "decent" representation. I do! No, they don't submit me for local hire stuff at all, and they do know I'd like to go that route. But, without additional credits, I'm kind of stuck. My representation has a "name" that most of you would recognize. They submit me, and they like me. I like them. But, they don't pitch for co-stars, and without pitching, and if you're not very specific OR a gorgeous 20yr old, it's so hard to get seen. I don't know many really good agencies that would take me with my credits, and I don't know many decent agencies that pitch for small roles. I do the workshops, and have been rocking them. My headshots are pretty good- not the best ever, but I've gotten mostly 4/5s on headshot feedback from casting directors. Changing out headshots can also be an endless cycle. I've had really great shots in the past, and I'd love to shoot with a photographer of that caliber again, but am considering changing my look so am putting off dropping the major $$ on a Paul Smith type photog. Each time I get new headshots (about once a year), I do believe that these will be the one that changes the game... and yet, nothing really happens. It's a never ending, money hemorrhaging cycle if you're not careful.

Anyway, I'm super pro-active and will continue pounding it out here in LA... don't you worry about that! Smiler Just looking for other options as well. Work begets work, afterall!

Thanks for your feedback, everyone. I greatly appreciate it!
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Hilary Swank
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When I was on the east coast I had several agents. Someone got me a meeting with, for all intents and purposed, the best agent in ATL. I told them I was moving in 5 months to Los Angeles but I had worked in both film and TV up and down the coast...had a great resume and a great referral. The agent said something very interesting to me. "I would take you on in a heartbeat if you were staying here, but if I put all my energy into getting you work now knowing you're moving I'd be doing my current clients a disservice."

That resonated with me. You have to understand how ridiculous it sounds that you're basically going on an extended vacation to an area and planning on getting an agent and then booking work. That is broke thinking. You'd be leaving the busiest town in the WORLD for an actor for a 3rd rate acting town. EVEN if you get an agent after two weeks you have 2-6 weeks left. Then you're hoping for the 2 shows that are casting at the moment to need someone of your type. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Put that towards some workshops here for people that are actually casting during this busy time. Hit the pavement now to get a theatrical agent. That or just MOVE permanently to the location you're talking about. Becaure right now, your actions now are that of a desperate person. Reaching for anything that could possibly work that you can't do from where you are.

Move there or put the work in here. Don't waste an entire episodic season on an act of desperation.
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Johnny Depp
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Hi LuckyMe-

Thanks for the input, but I disagree! I'm from GA, and my family/friends are still there, so I have places to stay. I think a month pursuing work in Atl AND hanging out with my loved ones sounds glorious, not desperate. I plan to also do quite a bit of reading and writing and enjoying time away from the hubbub. I'm subletting my apt, so those expenses will be covered. I've already gotten 2 offers of representation from 2 out of 3 of the SE agents I submitted to via e-mail (hard copies should be arriving tomorrow or next week to the rest). Both are willing to work with me as an LA based actor, as long as I'm committed to fly back for bookings. I'm not naive and I'm not expecting miracles, but I am trained and I'm a hard worker. I don't see anything wrong with taking a month off of LA (where I'm rarely auditioning) to familiarize myself with the local casting offices so they'll ideally remember me when I'm back in LA. If my immediate goal is to procure co-star/dayplayer type roles (to segue into a stronger agent, and to get into LA casting rooms), why not open myself up to another market with a smaller pool of actors? I've heard from casting directors that they get tired of seeing the same faces all the time in the smaller markets, so a new face could be an asset. Anyway.. I booked the ticket, so it's a definite! And I, for one, can't WAIT! Smiler
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