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So anyone else fed up with their day job??

I work as a telemarketer for an insurance job and I can't stand another minute of it. The only benefit is the pay of course. I'll use a quote my friend said that basically sums it all up for me:

"I don't know what motivates/inspires me more: a person doing exactly what they love. Or seeing how miserable someone who gave up on their dreams can be."

so many mixed emotions. Here I am complaining of having a decent paying job when the economy is total shit, yet I am completely miserable being there knowing I'm missing out on opportunities towards my dreams.

& just for the record I have always gone after my dreams until a few years ago, when the reality of not having a "steady" job hit hard. I am now determined to eff it all and chase my dreams, because I can't stand being in a cubicle for much longer.

I found a website (jobs4minds.com) that has a lot of different sites that make money from home but don't know if a lot of them are legit or if the website is a scam all together. Anyone heard of it?

Also, anyone make money day trading with stocks? Would like to hear some input there too.

I apologize for this being the longest post ever btw!!
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Sean Penn
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I'm not sure what to say here. I'm speaking as someone who did give up on her dreams.

It started off as setting them on a shelf, as something to get back to when circumstances allowed. Then there came a whole lot of personal and relationship drama, and I had a steady job that paid decently, and somehow through all that, I convinced myself that I was happy enough where I was. I wasn't. Anyone who knew me before could see how utterly miserable I was. People would ask me why I didn't sing and act anymore, and I was very convincing in telling them it simply wasn't for me anymore.

Now, just this past weekend, I had an awakening. I sat in an audience with tears streaming down my face with the realization that the theater was home and I missed it so much it hurt. Now I'm on the hunt for instructors to start again. I have a 2 year plan to move to NYC and really get the ball rolling on professional work. In the meantime, I'm getting myself back into shape, so to speak. Finding a voice teacher. Taking as many classes as I can. And driving myself crazy in this job that at least pays well so that I can afford the classes and workshops and headshots that I'll need.

I don't know anyone who doesn't harbor some sort of resentment towards their day job. But sucking it up only works for so long. If it's time to move to another day job, so that you can continue to pursue your dreams, I fully encourage you to do that. And I hope you'll remind me of that when I'm fed up with the one I'm at now too.

Never tried my hand at day trading. Never had the capital to invest and make the attempt! LOL!
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Kevin Bacon
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If you don't have the educational background in Finance, do not day trade. Any of the firms that will give you leverage make you close out your positions at the end of the day for safety reasons and it's next to impossible to make money unless you have inside information.

I have a background in finance, day trading is legitimately a terrible way to make a living. Trading stocks for the long term however, is a good way to retire comfortably.
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Denzel Washington
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Day trading is a very good was to lose everything you have if you don't know what you're doing.

It's trite, but money doesn't buy happiness. Quality of life, good health, love, passion... etc that's what you want.
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Kevin Bacon
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Always follows your passions. I currently work a survival job, and much of the performing I do is free. Guess what? I am happy. I continue to train and work on getting professional gigs, but in the meantime I find that as long as I am performing and working on my craft, my day job is much more tolerable.

So, I say never give up, but I do wish people would consider the possibility that working for free is still working.
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Sean Penn
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What about real estate, where you can set your own shedule?
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I'm looking at jobs4mind, and what I'll say is that it is not a scam. It's just a website that someone made which gives resources to moneymaking sources, but it in itself is not a make-money-from-home-opportunity; it just has a bunch of resources for them. With that said, it's hard to tell if any of them are scams or not. Some might be, but most probably aren't. A lot of these programs you can definitely make money from them. But it's not whether or not you CAN make money, it's whether or not it's worth your time. For most of them on that website that I have looked at, you'll probably do, at best, around 4 dollars per hour. And that is just a time sucker.

In order to make money online, you need to do something that is not considered a job, which is what this site is suggesting. The people on this website are essentially outsourcing THEIR businesses to people like you...so you will always be getting paid the same. It's like being their personal assistant. They have gotten to the point where they can pay someone money to write their blog posts, and all they have to do is spend 5 minutes posting it. Some people make $30,000+ a month doing that, and they basically don't do anything. Now, it probably took 1-2 years of actual hard work from them, working maybe 4 hours a week consistently, but now they don't really have to do much. So what I recommend instead is to be like THEM. Be an online marketer. Do some research. It really doesn't take more than 4 hours a week, and if you are consistent, then it will work out. It's very possible to make $2,000 per month in 3-6 months, but you'll have to do research and find the right business for you.

But here's the problem. Pretty much everyone who joins an online business will NOT do the work to get to that level. Most will fail. Most people prefer to make a guaranteed income, even if their job sucks, rather than put in the effort to make themselves an income. It's just the way our minds work...we have a resistance inside of us...and we need some sort of structure to keep us on track. I'm the same way, which is why I wait tables and get some paid acting gigs every month or two. I am happy financially at the moment. Waiting tables keeps me busy, and when I am forced to make a schedule, I find that I show up to more auditions...so it's kind of a nice balance. Really no social life though, as I work friday and saturday nights Frowner. I guess that's the downside.
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Wow, thank you everyone for responding! I really appreciate it. My main problem was I have always gone after what I wanted to do. So it's difficult for me to be at any other job that doesn't benefit my passions in some way. I have worked for free far too many times, and have been screwed too many times because of it....that sounds..wrong. haha, but anyways. I suppose everyone is different. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think I will always have this anxious feeling inside of me, unless I am happy with what I am doing. I have been a dancer, actor, toured the nation multiple times, and now I am in a cubicle. I feel like I am living a lie, you know? I'm sorry for the therapy session. Everyone should follow their dreams. I may be not making as much as I am now, but I was HAPPY. Which is so important in life.
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This can be by far be the toughest part of pursuing your dream of acting: the dreaded day job. You have to be very discipline or things can get a way from you. That being said, here are some pretty cool jobs that pay well AND allow you to work in a field that is somewhat related:

1. Learn ear prompter: If you can master this, you can get a job working at variety of trade show and industrial films.

2. Auto Show Rep/Model: There area lot of actors that work at the Auto Shows as product representatives. You do have to travel away from for short periods of time, but it is a great way to present in front of people and get paid pretty darn well doing it.

3. Casting Director Assistant: Can be tough job to get, but they are ALWAYS looking for people to run the camera in those casting session, especially in the commercial area.

4. Performs at Parties: Do you play a character or are you willing to wear a costume? Kids and a adult them parties hire actors to perform at parties. Their are agencies that book you for this.

I know, it can be tough, but you have to think outside the box. I hope this helps you out a bit. Good luck to you!!

Jay Mully
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Well I believe that if a person is enthusiastic and determined with their dream. He/she is never going to stop chasing his/her dreams.
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Sean Penn
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I wouldn't give up on your dreams. I think almost every actor I have met has a shitty job to pay their day to day expenses. I have a regular job that I am not crazy about but I know that if I don't at least try to make my dream a reality I will always be asking myself "what if" I could live with that. You just have to sit down and really thing about what makes you happy and what you want in life? Try to find a balance like a job were you can pay your bills and still have time to chase your dreams.
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Al Pacino
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I'll be short here: I used to work in an office in a real job. Not an actors "Survival" horrible crap job. However, one day I gave it up to do this. There has never been a moment I regretted that decision.
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Morgan Freeman
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i'm from mass 31 yrs old and started acting at 15 .Over the past couple years ive dabbled in it more seriously but .I haven't given 100% of myself to this career path .I been working ball busting jobs left and right .The money has been good it helps me get by .I'm currently at this book donation company picking up books .15 hrly under the table so i'm making some good money a weekly . Yet, i'd rather be acting .It's really where i want to be i know i face struggle but at this point i'm used to it . I'm just fed up with doing the other stuff .I have a pretty solid driving history work wise .So my back up plan is there if i need it .I don't want to rely on it though because the acting is all want to do .

I've had though i know i'm still young but i've decided that this is it .This is the last year i'm going to be doing this kind of ball busting work .I'm going to put my talents to good use why not right ? .I feel if you really have those thoughts of settling down than your not really all that into your dreams like you thought you were .

I plan on leaving a few months for Cali to start fresh and make my dreams a reality .To hell with busting my ass at some job that means nothing to me .
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