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Johnny Depp
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I totally agree with you NYCGAL. A forum should be about honesty. But with that said this is an industry where like to be stroked & if you make waves it will bite you in the ass
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Russell Crowe
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The easiest way to avoid public drama is to use the PM feature of the site. Private Messages are "private", and you can share without the worry of getting flamed. Some agency's have pretty thin skin when it comes to comments and you can avoid all of the drama easily.

as far as agencies go, you have to go with the one you feel most a home with. We started with Generation and it wasn't a good fit for us. Patti does an amazing job for her kids and she tends to good amazing jobs for them, but for us it didn't workout. We ended up at Ford and followed her bookers to NY Models when Ford pulled the plug on the kids division. We are very happy at NYMM.

Submit to:

2. Generation
3. Whilhelmina
5. FFT
6. Abrahms
7. Zuri (becasue they haven;t been in NYC very long they are a the bottom of my list)

Wait to see if you get any offers and then meet each suitor, then pick the one you feel most comfortable with.
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