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While I'm not familiar with HB Studios in NYC, I did get my BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and have now been in LA for over seven years. In my opinion, Carolyne Barry Creative is the first place any actor in LA should go for classes!

While Carolyne Barry is best known for her commercial classes, she also offers quite an impressive selection of other classes - all taught by some of the best teachers in LA. Not only are her classes great, Carolyne Barry herself is an excellent guide and ally to have in this industry.

Generally, classes are 8-12 weeks long and are very affordable (usually less than $50/class – VERY competitive pricing for the quality of work). Plus, she often has financial work study programs for students who need it. The classes are generally held in North Hollywood or other parts of The Valley.

Here’s a (hopefully helpful) break down of the classes I’ve taken and highly recommend:

Beginning Commercial Class: An excellent starting point! The class has students who range from brand new to seasoned pros. While it’s clearly geared towards commercials, the class also helps you to narrow in on your “type”, teaches you how to present and prepare yourself for auditions of every kind, and gives you the basics of how the Industry works. Carolyne's technique is very useful and she has a ton of insight as to how the commercial industry works.
I think i's worth it to note that I was sent to this class by a commercial agent who liked my look but wanted me to have that extra edge that only Carolyne can teach. Apparently, that agent sends many of her clients to Carolyne, because Carolyne’s classes produce actors who get jobs. I’m so glad I followed her advice!

Suzanne Sena Entertainment Hosting Level I - I loved this class! Similar to the commercial class I took, it worked for all levels of experience. For the brand-new-to-the-industry students, it seemed to help them find their “type” and taught some of crucial entertainment know- how and etiquette (for auditioning, etc.). For those of us with more experience but new to hosting, it served as an excellent beginners course, allowing us to dip our feet into each type of hosting (reality, talk show, infomercial, etc.), finding what suited and spoke to us. Plus with highly successful, WORKING teachers, I was confident I was in good hands and getting relevant and useful information. I plan on taking the Level II class ASAP!

Intro to Performance Improv - With the array of competing Improv schools in LA, this class, taught by veteran improv actor Donovan Scott, is an excellent, low pressure foundation class. It’s a ton of fun and a great way to get comfortable with the improv technique and performing in general. I often recommend this class to people who are interested in getting into acting but don’t know where to start, since improv is pretty much the basis of all acting.

Advanced Scene Study with Joshua Bitton– This scene study class is one of the best out there! No joke, studying with Josh changed my life! He is a real gem of a teacher and one of the best kept secrets in LA. After graduating cum laude with a BFA in theater from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Josh surprised me by reigniting a passion and appreciation for acting I hadn’t realized I’d lost. The class is an excellent way to constantly be stretching those acting muscles with pretty advanced scene work (generally from plays) with other very dedicated, very hard working actors. The class is heavy on script analysis, which is an invaluable skill in an industry where you sometimes only get your script an hour before an audition.

The Meisner Technique – After being blown away by the scene study class with Joshua Bitton, I decided to take the two year Meisner Training Program he offers through Carolyne Barry Creative. Boy, am I happy I did! I often tell people that I left theater school feeling like I had acquired a bunch of useful tools as an actress, but not necessarily the instruction manual for how to use them when preparing for a role. The Meisner technique IS that instruction manual for me. Again, Josh is an incredibly gifted and inspiring teacher. Two years sounds intense, and it is, but in the end so very, very worth it.

As I mentioned, Carolyne offers a whole array of other classes, too, so I'm guessing you can find pretty much anything you're looking for. And she's just generally an excellent resource to have in this industry. I hope this has been helpful - I cannot recommend Carolyne's classes enough! Smiler
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Russell Crowe
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A Tischie being retrained from the ground up by a Rutgers graduate? What? What? haha jk Wink
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