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Kevin Bacon
Anyone heard of Vesta Talent Agency? They've currently got a post on Actors Access saying they're holding interviews and seeking to expand their roster. The very fact that they're posting on Actors Access makes me suspicious of their legitimacy, but I figured I'd check here and ask.

(Already checked the SAG and AFTRA websites; they seem to be AFTRA franchised, but I couldn't find them on the lists of SAG or ATA/NATR franchised agents (unless they're there under a different name) -- which seems odd given that they say they prefer to represent SAG actors. The head (only?) agent in the agency is apparently Jane Schulman; anyone heard of her?)
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Hilary Swank
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I saw this on there too, and couldn't find them on the agents list. there are so many new agencies, I have a bad feeling about this.

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Hi Read, I met with Jane the last time she posted on AA, I think it was about a year ago. She seemed like a nice lady and I came out of the meeting with a good feeling about her but I never heard back. If I remember correctly she's been running the agency for about 3 years and she does get on the phone to pitch. The agency is located in Torrance, the meeting was in a board room so I never went into her actual office. Wish I could tell you more about the strength of the agency but I don't know. I would suggest meeting her and getting your own feel for the place, I found her to be friendly.
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Morgan Freeman
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Any new info or experiences with this agency? I just saw an updated AA listing.
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Jack Nicholson
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I'm just curious if anyone met with her too and asked why she's in Torrance and how strong her connections are in, you know: LA?
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I also met with her in an executive office suite conference room. Never saw her office. Don't know if it actually exists. She's a relatively nice woman in person who prides herself on her highly educated ivy league talent...of which consists of her number one client, Robby Benson's mom. (I don't know if she has an ivy league education)
She actually took me on and I got two auditions then never heard from her again. Never returned calls or e-mails. Subsequently she sent out another e-mail to all her clients saying she would no longer be responding to e-mails since she was too busy. My guess is she is a spaghetti thrower. If she throws you against the wall a couple times and if you stick then you are worth her attention. If not she goes back to actors access, picks up another 20 people who need agents and starts all over again. I've obviously moved on to more professional representation.
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Harrison Ford
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Secret Agent Man
Back Stage Columnist
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I met with her in that same conference room. It looked like a shared office space. She seemed nice enough, but as the meeting went, she got this weird smirky look on her face and became speechless. Then she complained about my lack of credits? I thought that's why I was there? I mean, I'm no newbie, I've done plenty of film and some TV work, but it seemed she was expecting a turn key actor. She didn't like my choices of acting teachers either. All that way to Torrance of all places to be treated that way. UGH.
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