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No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed Help Preparing for Your Next Singing Audition?
MeMe Myatt’s Voice Lessons & Coaching provides professional voice instruction, that is designed to help students explore and enhance their vocal talent and abilities, as well as, develop their knowledge of music theory and fundamentals.
MeMe Myatt2145
by MeMe Myatt
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIncreasing vocal range
Need help increasing vocal range!
by amo37
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSinging tips for a beggining singer?
I'm new to singing (I pretty much got into it just a few months ago when I started learning the guitar) and would love constructive criticism on how to improve my voice and technique from more experienced singers.
by arteg
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAdvice on Demo Reel Content
Is it ok to include my own versions of well-know, or high-profile ads in my VoiceOver demo-reel?
by Yonie
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoice cracks when singing especially when hitting high notes?
Singing issues.
by arteg
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPrimitive voice
by arteg
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAudition for Disney's Festival of the Lion King in January?
Which song to choose?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed critique for my voice please!
Im trying out for the voice! Can you help critique my voice?
Stephen robinson0191
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBadiene Magaziner?
Has anyone heard of her/trained with her in NY?
by vacuousprune
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDee - smaIl town, BIG DREAMSDiikas0240
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNeed help marketing your Musical Auditions
A vocal Coach who is a life coach! I am known for helping people figure out their individual and unique voice. Craft not only your song but also your mentality on how to get the work YOU want! www.daviddabbon.com
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDee - what you needDiikas0207
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLearn 3 Dialects in 3 Days
Free 3 Day Dialect Video Course
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNew Video Tutorial
Standard American/Accent Reduction Video
No New ContentDiscussion TopicListen to my first recording and cover?
Tips on my voice, advice and such, thanks!
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTRAINING is Essential to your RESUME!!!
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSpeech Coaches in LA
Speech coaches in LA?
by DonaldTheDialectCoach
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSheet music for hard to find songs- website rec?
Specifically The Book Report from your A Good Man Charlie Brown...are there websites I can check?
thanks in advance
by TMR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHow is my vocal styling of Amy Winehouse"Its My Party" 1-10 ? Read below first?
I know that Im NOOOOO Amy Winehouse but Im wondering during this first part of the song is the styling (NOT THE VOCAL) but is the styling of the voice is kind of similar of how she is singing? Even though Im a guy! lol I think failed I recorded and picked 2 of them, mines is at the bottom but listen to Amy Winehouse first for the first 15 seconds. On a scale to 1-10 how is the styling/sounding of it?

Amy Winehouse NOT mines (This is how the song goes for the first part of the chorus)

I Am a guy by the way, not a girl

This is the first one

This is me singing This was on my 3rd try

How would you rate the styling out of 1-10?
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBiases against classical voice training--why?
Curious to know more about this.
by JennyLeah
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoice Over, Copy, Training and Demos
by Dan-The-Voice
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVoice over class recommendations??
Would love some direction on this...
by JenniferR
No New ContentDiscussion TopicI can mimic master cheif's voice.
i can mimic peoples voices.
by JenniferR
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